Visit the beach with shopping pram or stroller

The standard stroller wheels can be quickly replaced by special low pressure balloon tyred wheels which enables the ‘Coolamon’ to easily traverse soft sand.

This feature enables the ‘Coolamon’ beach pram or stroller to significantly increase the enjoyment of a visit by the family to the beach by...

  • Reducing the hassles of carrying gear from the car to and from a spot on the beach.
  • Providing amenities (as shown below ) when on the beach.


The ‘Coolamon’ comes with a special clip on picnic table

The ‘Coolamon’ comes with a special clip on picnic table

Transverse soft sand Low Pressure Tyres On the track Relaxing at the Beach
Quickly interchangeable special balloon tyres allow ‘Coolamon’ to traverse soft sand without sinking.
These tyres can also be used when traversing normal pavements.
The large basket accommodates all the gear a family needs for a day out at the beach - esky, chairs, umbrella, boogie boards, towels, togs etc.
Relaxing at the Beach