Crowd Funding

Good product – but, ‘Coolamon’ is not yet on the market

The stroller shown in the website is a factory produced prototype. The next big step is to manufacture and ship ‘Coolamon’ to Australia. In order to make this step possible, Inyakart invites your participation.

You can participate in a number of ways:

  1. Help spread the word, through your social media networks, that ‘Coolamon’ will be available in April 2014 (facebook URL:
  2. Simply register your interest in purchasing ‘Coolamon’ and receive a $75 discount off the retail price of $395 (Melbourne Metro) (The price of the picnic tray and low pressure tyre accessories will be $95).
  3. Participate in a crowd funding campaign and pledge money in order to receive a reward when ‘Coolamon’ is available. The crowd funding campaign is running on an Australian crowd funding platform called iPledg.
    1. How iPledg works (similar to all other crowd funding platforms)
      1. A campaign with a the project name of ‘Coolamon’ has been opened on the iPledg website -
      2. A funding target of $95,000 and a closing date of 16th Dec 2013 has been set
      3. Rewards (Retail price of the ‘Coolamon’ shopping stroller will be $395)
Pledge Reward
$275 A‘Coolamon’ delivered* free of charge
(a discount of $120)
$175 A‘Coolamon’ delivered* for $100
$75 A‘Coolamon’ delivered* for $200

*Free delivery within Melbourne Metro area

      1. Pledging means making a promise to pay, however, no payment is required until the funding target of $95,000 is met
      2. If the funding target is not met then no money changes hands – the progress of the fund raising can be seen on the iPledg website
    1. How to Pledge
      1. Go to
      2. Select ‘Projects’
      3. Select ‘Coolamon’
      4. Click on the photo of the stroller
      5. Click on the green ‘Pledge’ button
      6. Chose reward and pledge amount and click on the red ‘Pledge’ button
      7. Enter the required personal and banking details